Security Settings

You can control your password and account-access setting and toos that let you safe, protect your account.

Genaral Security Options
  • Save my Activities Log
  • Confirm me through email before password change
  • Ask me password before token withdraw
Two-Factor Security Option

Two-factor authentication is a method for protection your web account. When it is activated you need to enter not only your password, but also a special code. You can receive this code by in mobile app. Even if third person will find your password, then can't access with that code.

Current Status:
Enable and Use an authenticator App
1) Install an authentication app on your device. Any app that supports the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol should work, including:
2) Use the authenticator app to scan the barcode below.
3) Enter the code generated by the authenticator app.

Important! In case of loss of access to the mobile application, you can regain it using mobile number that specified in your profile. If you don't save that, we will not able to help you to regain.

Update Settings

Password should be minmum 8 letter and include lower and uppercase letter.

Changed Password